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KB - 10k (Live at the 2021 Dove Awards)

KB - 10k (Live at the 2021 Dove Awards)

Check out my performance of “10K” from the 2021 Dove Awards! Listen to #10K: Spotify:!10kDoves2021 Apple Music:!10kDoves2021 Amazon Music:!10kDoves2021 YouTube:!10kDoves2021 Pandora:!10kDoves2021 Connect with me: Facebook:!10kDoves2021 Instagram:!10kDoves2021 Website:!10kDoves2021 YouTube:!10kDoves2021 TikTok:!10kDoves2021 Alexa: Ask Alexa to follow KB 10K “My soul Oh my soul Worship His Holy name Sing like never before Oh my soul I'll worship Your Holy name” Start with oh yuh I got a God don’t change with the seasons 10 thou reasons I can believe in God so good say less I’m breathing 10 thou 10 thou ima believe em all HGA that’s the law New sheriff In this o KB on Passin bars Ima Lawyer in the booth I ain’ never seen nobody do it like this Owns every inch aint a ruler like this Look at my world that’s a little lite drip Only goat on my list I’m like who did I miss? Let it breathe Let it breath Jesus that my creed O o Michael B Yuh He bossen Don’t be a clown boy you not it worship in a mosh pit Im n his palm like the tropics Men and women Get in it They get it it & live again good & generous Definitive That’s from the genesis Unlimited inhibited Look at all of these Witness Give you the business here Satan bodied homie he finish it Ou Ou Oh Nothin here to prove How we move Let me go Plenty Soul Bring us smoke Is that joke A, a, a, I’m on a roll been doin this since 16 Rappin on the corner in the street Christ is God I lost my father But I’ll never lose my peace I think he king Reignin supreme Oh Winning with ease You think It’s sweet I believe way crazier things Cool I see that He coming back He said it then I react I got this thang in a bag You go & laugh I will be doing it last Music by KB performing “10k (Live at the 2021 Dove Awards)". (C) 2021 Provident Label Group LLC, a division of Sony Music Entertainment #KB #ChristianMusic #10K
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